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구 분 시수(Hr,) 교육내용
1일차 7 - Testing, Marketing/Communicating the Project before Lunching
- Defining Qualification Criteria: Drafting the RFQ
- Defining Proposal Requirements and Evaluation Criteria
- Defining/Drafting other Commercial Terms and Provisions
- Control Check and Approval before Lunching
- Managing Matters during the Bid Submission Stage
- Qualification Matters
- Managing Dialogue and Interactive Processes
- Evaluation of Proposals
- Negotiation with a Preferred Bidders
- Award
2일차 7 - Contract Signature
- Financial Close
- Oversight / Integrity of the Tender Process
- Contract Management Framework
- Overview of the Construction Phase
- Monitoring Tasks during the Construction Phase
- Change Management in the Construction Phase
- Claims Management in the Construction Phase
- Under performance and Non-Compliance in the Construction Phase
3일차 7 - Issue Management and Dispute Resolution during the Construction Phase
- Knowledge Management and Succession Planning
- Contract Management and Monitoring during the Operation
- Contract Management and Administrative Process
- Managing Private Partner under-performance and Non-Compliance
- Managing Finance
- Regulatory Requirements
- Variation Management
- Relationship Management, Issue Management and DRP
- Managing Fiscal Risks
- Exit and Hand-Back Strategy
4일차 7 실전 모의고사 80문제
실제 시험과 동일한 환경에서 모의시험
* 시험문제는 PPP에 대한 사례(예를 들어 항만, 수처리, 교도서, 혹은 철도 PPP, 등)를 4~5 Page 정도의 Project Scenario가 제시되고, 이에 대한 이해 정도를 묻기 위해 아래 분야에서 80문제를 출제

- Structuring and Contract Drafting, 20 Marks
- Tendering and Awarding the Contract, 20 Marks
- Managing the Contract-Construction, 20 Marks
- Managing the Contract-Operation and Hand back, 20 Marks
- 시험문제는 모두 객관식으로 3개중 택1, 4개중 택1, 5개중 택2 선택
시험 3.1Hr - CP3P(Execution)시험 실시
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